Halo Halo Is The Best

Yesterday after shopping for Faith to wear today, I asked my kids if they want to try Halo Halo this time and not the Jollibee as my youngest daughter always requested. Faith does not like it at first but when I told her that there is an ice cream on top of it. She went with us in Chowking. I thought to just buy the fun size but we can’t avail it because the fun size is only intended if you order regular meals. So I just picked the regular size with ice cream. Faith suggested a pink ice cream but of course they only have the ube flavor. Anyway, I just order two for us three, why two? Because it is the first time for Faith to try Halo Halo and you know if it is first time she will not finish it all over. Mj does not like a Siopao so the Siopao would be for Faith and I. I was right about Faith with the Halo Halo; she did not finish it so I was the one who finish it until the last drop. So satisfying especially when it is dreading so hot!

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