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Boodle Meal In Seafood Island Grill

Unlike before, only seldom now that I drag my kids to eat outside on Sundays, it is because beginning last January, I am always in a tight budget. This month, it was only last May 18 that we were able to go out and had lunch after church. We heard mass just nearby our village and right after I drag them to SM to eat lunch. We choose the Seafood Grill restaurant, I haven’t tried their boodle meal yet and I thought the Boodle meal would be enough for all of us, five.

The Boodle meal that we choose was consists of grilled fish, clams, a vegetable, (some sort) squid, grilled pork, crabs and of course rice. Thank God the whole Boodle meal was enough for us. I didn’t have to order for another extra meal.

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Ice Cold Coffee

When my training was scheduled on morning yet, I had so much time to wait for Mj in the mall for me to send her to her training. And while waiting, sometimes I would go to Starbucks and wait for her there. And because I don’t want to fall asleep while driving I need something to wake me up. Of course I need some coffee, but it was so humid that time I need something cold so I ordered Frappucino, flavored caramel. The coffee was tasty, and it helped to be awake while waiting for my daughter. What about you? Do you also consider drinking ice coffee so you can’t sleep or you just stick with the hot coffee for you to be awake?

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What To Wear And What Not

I am back to work and so I can say I am back to fashion, just recently I was hired and now I started our training. Before the day our training was started, I made sure I have all things ready I even went to the mall to buy a pair of shoes and some clothes. Whenever I am opting to look for something fashionable clothing or accessories for me, I also miss my friend; she is always my fashion consultant. She helped me decide what to wear and what not. But anyway, I guess I will miss her less this time because I just found a website that can help me with fashion. Yes, I just browse in and guess what; the site just gives me an idea. They have lots of styles that would feed your mind about fashion. They don’t even have clothing but wedding dress, women intimate apparel and a lot more. Mind you I am not expert in what to wear or what not but this can be a better assistance when I want to be fashionable at work, yes I am already a mother of two but it is not bad at all when you want to look good for everyone around you. And since I no expert at all, it is good for having a site that would help you to experiment in fashion, I tell you it does not have to expensive, when you feel like it and you can carry the fashion clothing that you are wearing, then go for it as they said there is really nothing wrong when you dress up differently it is how you carry it yourself and everyone would say “WOW”, you truly look good”.

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