Boodle Meal In Seafood Island Grill

Unlike before, only seldom now that I drag my kids to eat outside on Sundays, it is because beginning last January, I am always in a tight budget. This month, it was only last May 18 that we were able to go out and had lunch after church. We heard mass just nearby our village and right after I drag them to SM to eat lunch. We choose the Seafood Grill restaurant, I haven’t tried their boodle meal yet and I thought the Boodle meal would be enough for all of us, five.

The Boodle meal that we choose was consists of grilled fish, clams, a vegetable, (some sort) squid, grilled pork, crabs and of course rice. Thank God the whole Boodle meal was enough for us. I didn’t have to order for another extra meal.

 photo 10360631_10203338391076629_8648845381323577281_n_zpsf97b2082.jpg

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