It has been almost a week now that I quit my training, it’s only been a week and here, I am I am back to my old self.

Just for few weeks of training my niece noticed that I lose weight, my stomach was flattened a little bit. I was so happy knowing that I lose weight but what I don’t like is I don’t have the strength to go to work because I don’t have enough sleep. For few weeks on graveyard shift I only have one hour of sleep, and I absolutely didn’t like it. I got even sick once, I was over fatigued because of not having enough sleep. I have to stop!

It was last Thursday that I decided to stop and just a few days, I felt so heavy already especially from yesterday, we were invited for a summer beach getaway. So when its party expect to have so many foods in the table and I can’t help to eat lots and lots. We had the grilled fish, kinilaw my favourite, barbecue. I bought brownies and butterscotch from Goldilocks. The moment we arrived in the venue, I feed Faith right away, Faith of course enjoy it. I felt so bloated when we got home tonight, I even suffered from tummy pains. I think I’ll be sleeping so early then.

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