The Dunkin Donuts Stall

It is only sometimes that we are going to the mall. Last week, after the Kumon of Faith we went to the mall to get the money of Mariel from her Mother in MLhullier. I just have some that time but when we passed by at Dunkin Donut, Faith suddenly grabbed my attention with her eyes getting wide. She said “Mama, look, I am hungry.” while touching her tummy at the same time. I laughed at her reaction upon seeing the stall, it is just so funny. So even though I only have enough for our grocery shopping, I hold her hand and together we went to Dunkin Donuts stall to buy her favorite donut, we just bought one Donut, and that’s only for her.

I know that we all undergo hardships in life and I guess for us this is one of them. What I am praying for now is that we can survive. And the kids can go to school without any hassle. Only one Donut was I able to afford, but the smile of Faith is very priceless. I just explained to Mj that we can’t buy her anything; we will just wait for us to come home.

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