A Busy Mom Here Needs A Treat

Early to sleep, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. But for me, it is for the loads of work at home. First on hand was preparing breakfast for my kids at home, then the mountain of dirty clothes and while doing that, I have to work on my blogs. Yes, I know blogging is going down nowadays but I know somehow it will regain its strength; I just have to hold on to the thought that soon, like the previous year’s our blessing would come.

So comes later morning, waking up Faith this time. I have to prepare her for school and since it is Friday, their classes will start so early. But you know what makes me excited today, my friend promised me to treat for lunch. This is such a nice treat out of my being so busy everyday especially today.

We met in the mall at Hukad restaurant and she ordered Crispy Pata, Dilis with Green Mango, and Tinunuang Lanka. She asked me what I like and I answered the garlic prawn. I thought since she already ordered so many she will not order the garlic prawn anymore but I was surprised because it was on our table together with the first three that she ordered. It was her favorite also but she can’t eat it because she is allergic to it.

On the other hand, here’s the food that she ordered for us. Definitely we just had carbo-overload.

 photo IMG_0062.jpg

This is the Green Mango with Dilis, just a very tempting appetizer. If you are on a diet do not ever order this because you would ask for more rice. I just had two cups this afternoon, my goodness, I was bloated.

 photo IMG_0063.jpg

The Tinunuang Lanka, if you are true-blooded pinay, you must miss this dish. Just so yummy!

 photo IMG_0064.jpg

The crispy pata is just so crispy inside and out but what I noticed when I ate this was it has lots of cholesterol yet I don’t mind. I mean I so deserved this as I was just so tired with the laundry overload at home. I have to thank my friend for bringing me here.

 photo 10375091_10202834348433785_6074537450934186856_n.jpg

My body ache went away after I ate all the foods in the table. I don’t care anymore if I would gain weight after this, I am just so happy to finally eat in a nice restaurant, my way out for our problem right now.

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