Avoid Croissants And Baguettes

I am lucky that I am not prone to pimples or acne even before when I was still a teenager. I felt bad for those teenagers my age that having a hard time with their pimples, even some were big. It is gross indeed, but I felt sorry for them. And how I wished I was able to help them how to get rid of it. I just hope now they will be able to read this, I mean I know they are also already a mother like, this can help if they have growing kids and teenagers.

Don’t you know that there are foods also that you should avoid to prevent acne from spreading? Oh well, I just read this in Yahoo. There were 7 foods actually that you should not be eating because it can get your acne worst.

You should avoid baguettes, croissants, because wheat can cause inflammation and to get rid of acnes we should be avoiding too much inflammation. Why croissants and baguettes can trigger acne? It is because they have sugar, soybean oil and dairy.

So there you go, that’s only one yet though, I’ll be posting more next time. Thanks for reading!

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