Just So Hungry

Last Wednesday, my friend and I together with our kids agreed to have our dinner at Penongs. My kids and I just came from Kumon and after Kumon, Mj will have training but before that we have to eat our dinner yet since Faith is with us. We were all so hungry and right after I fetched the kids from Kumon I drove to Penongs near the pool right away. My friend just texted me what to order, so we can eat already and we don’t have to wait when we arrived. But when we arrived there, geez we still have to wait for few more minutes because the place was jam packed with customers. My friend said they didn’t have to wait that long because when they arrived, there were only few people yet were there. Anyway, I don’t have any choice but to wait but our coach could not wait anymore and so I told her to just drive my car going to the pool so he will not be late. Anyway since no one would like to pose in the picture, I just took a picture of the aftershock, lol meaning after we ate.

 photo IMG_0177_zps457f6e93.jpg

See how obvious we were, we were just so hungry that no foods has left in our plate.

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