Kiddie Meal In Jollibee and Happy Meal In McDonalds

Faith is doing her therapy every Saturday and it finished at lunch. So we don’t have time to go back home because we have Kumon yet after, so instead of going home, I am obliged to take her for lunch in SM, and she would always suggest its either McDonalds or Jollibee. If we are in McDonald she would always ask for Happy meal and if we are in Jollibee she would ask for Kiddie meal. With these meals, it includes toys, which she always look forward to. Oh well, this can help me not to buy her toys anymore. On the other hand sometimes I tend to forget when they asked my order when I am in Jollibee I would utter happy meal and for McDonald I would say Kiddie Meal. The staff will just smile secretly, they sometimes butt in and said ah Kiddie Meal or Jollibee Meal, lol this two will always confused me.

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