What Happen To The Invitation?

Just last week of July, I was invited to attend and review a restaurant, the one who invited me said we will have food tasting and we will review the foods that they prepared. I already gave my number through FB but until now I still didn’t get any message from the owner. I mean, why should his or her staff, wasting his time to send me  a message and even replied to me like right away if they are just fooling me around. My niece even asked me what happened and I could find any answer. What happen to the invitation? It was like “I will invite you” then if you will say yes “I will not push through the invitation”.

I have experience this before, a friend invited me for a wedding and then on the day of the wedding I asked the bride if where would I go since she gave me the date and she is nowhere to be found. I left dumbfounded, it is like what happen to the invitation?

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