While We Are Eating

My eldest daughter sometimes serenades us when we are eating at home especially during exam. Just this week, they just finish their periodical exam and she played her guitar once again. It is so nice to see her strumming, especially when I know that she learn everything from it. So whenever we are eating, I am also thinking to buy her another guitar but I have to wait she has 3 sets of guitar now. Maybe just maybe I will buy her an electric guitar, which she can play only the best for rock players. It is a good idea and who know she will be able to put a music band and they will be able to perform in a restaurant. Just like I saw in the restaurants before during my younger days we always dine in some restaurant where they always have live music band. The members were young; we were even introduced to one of the music band here in Davao. I wonder where they are now.

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