Next Year Perhaps!

Last month, my friends and I in the pool agreed to celebrate our coach birthday in Vikings. I was sure to attend for it, and I planned to bring my eldest daughter. Our coach and one team mate was free on that day because it’s their natal day. It has been a policy for them that if one are celebrating their birthday they are free to eat in Vikings as long as somebody is with them. But my youngest daughter was sick, she has been since this Wednesday and today we will go to the doctor for check-up. I wanted to go but should I spend my money there in Vikings while my daughter needs to have a check-up. I have to decide real quickly, even Mj was sad about it but she could not do anything, we have to attend Faith’s condition first. How I wish, we are already paid in this house and so I don’t have to sacrifice my kid’s happiness. If only I had enough for that day, we will attend the celebration as well as attending Faith’s condition.

Next time Vikings, next year perhaps!

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