Fifty Pesos Slash Off With My Purified Bottles

When I was waiting for my youngest daughter in the school, my friend approached me and offered me a deal. They are about to put up a refilling water station but as of now they are still ordering in another store, although they are still ordering water from this store they are already inviting some customers to get purified, mineral water from them. They are concentrating in the airport, her husband has clients there and every day they deliver water there. Their house is just near where our house is and she offered me P100.00 for 3 purified bottles. We are always using purified water. The refilling station that we always calling when our water is consumed, is just within our subdivision and for four bottles it costs me P200.00 now if I would order water from my friend, I can save like P50.00, which is not bad.

Moreover, I thought so hard with me of transferring, I mean I had been ordering water in the refilling station within our subdivision for 6 years already and I trusted their services but we are so tight with money now that sometimes I can only order up to two bottles already from them. I had to decide and yes I grabbed the offer. I am now transferred with my friend refilling station.

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