Pack Lunch Was Great

We just had swimming competition yesterday, unlike before I did not bring any foods because the venue has this strict policy of no bringing foods in the bleachers. We have to go out yet to take our lunch so the whole team decided to just order our lunch in one of the parent’s catering service and restaurant. They served great foods and is known of their very yummy cup cakes, my niece even wanted to go there when they arrive at lunch. The swimmer though has free lunch but it took them so long to served it so I ordered for four of us instead and not only three. The food was served at lunch already just in time the swimming competition has to stop for break. Mariel and Faith arrived later yet, Mariel could not help but to take a picture of her pack lunch, she said it was so delish. I am glad they all like it. But later when Mj has to go back to the pool, Mariel and I went to the Keepsakes, the restaurant that our orders came from. Mariel just enjoyed the cup cakes that they ordered.

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