Because Of Our Obligation…

Just today, a friend in the pool invited us for a birthday party this coming weekend. They will celebrate the birthday party of their son and daughter in a beach. My original decision was not to go to the said party because I am in a tight budget that even fuel, I could not afford to buy going there. However we saw each other today in the grocery, they told us we don’t have to bring foods or spend our money going there. They will shoulder our entrance fee as well. They even suggested if we could not come early, we can ride at one of the parent’s car going there. I said yes however later, I realized on that day we will have make up session for Faith’s therapy and the kids will have to attend their Kumon as well. I am sure they will finish their worksheets so late because it has been a week that they were not able to attend their session. It was sad for us not to attend the party but sometimes we have to stop on spending even cents because of our obligation at home.

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