Great Food Spots In Taguig

Christmas season is fast approaching I am sure some of you would like to take a break or going to a vacation. This is the place where you can unwind and sit down and relax and of course eat heavenly dishes. If you want to go and have a vacation in Taguig, you might want to visit this food spots for your vacation to be joyfully complete.

In Taguig, you can find the most famous pancake in the whole world, known as IHOP. Their fluffy pancakes can make people craved more. People can pick from syrups to lather to their pancakes, they have butter pecan syrup, original maple, and strawberry. I am sure to go back here when you will have a chance.

You can also visit the Early Bird Breakfast Crib in the 28th Bonifacio Street in Global City and have a taste of their delicious breakfast. I swear if you ever experience dining there, you can’t help to take a picture of your dishes and post it in Instagram and Facebook; nevertheless it is worth to post some delish foods in your account. If you are on a healthy diet try their Healthy Brekky, it is consists of seasonal fresh fruits, poached salmon and asparagus salad.

These were only two food stops that you will ever love in Taguig and I am sure there’s more!

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