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Smores And Blue Berry Cheese Cake

It was after lunch and Mj just went back to the pool to wait for her event, Mariel, Faith and I went out in a while to go to the nearest restaurant Keepsakes in MTS. Mariel wanted to try their cup cakes and so she ordered the smores below:

 photo IMG_0331_zps5f59cf68.jpg

And Faith ordered the blue berry cheese cake:

 photo IMG_0333_zps47ab2bbe.jpg

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Flaunting My Hair In A Restaurant

When I roamed the mall one day, I saw some wigs displayed, I was amazed with the wigs and the varieties of colors I even tried one and my friend just giggled about it. She even wonders what if we will try it one day but if we will, we should wear a wig that is not bland, or the hair strands are hard and not soft. If I would choose a wig I would like to try the estetica wigs, because the hair strands are soft and just so manageable, it is like it’s a real hair! If I will be wearing a wig, I should flaunt it to the restaurant perhaps, I would ramp along the corridor of the restaurant and just sway my head, I hope it will not fall off, because it will be so embarrassing if it did. I don’t like to make a scene with hair fell on the floor! On the other hand, on the second thought maybe I will just walk directly to the table and order my dishes, what do you think?

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