Talking Like Forever

It was almost our Graduation Day in College, after our one hour of practice with our marching going to the stage and our farewell song, I and my friends went out for lunch in the nearest cafeteria. We were talking like forever; we were counting the day until our last journey in college. And while we were talking, my friend mentioned to buy a college ring. She even showed us the catalog for the rings, and all of them look very impressive. When I browsed these class rings in from just now, I could not help but to remember my friends in college. It has been like 16 years already that I haven’t seen of them. I wonder how they were or were they able to buy the college ring they saw in the catalog from our friend’s. But I guess it is not too late if one of them just decided now, with our technology today, I mean one click and you will see loads of style for college rings in the Internet. If it is not too late for them then it is not too late for me too, what do you think?

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