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Yakimix On The Third Time

Yesterday I was invited for a lunch today in Yakimix. This is the third time already that I was able to dine there, oh well thanks to my friend because we keep on agreeing to have lunch in the same buffet restaurant but how I wish to also step foot in Vikings, LOL! Anyway, so after I sent Faith to her school, I decided to just leave my car in the school. Since I know, going there along Bankerohan, there will be a heavy traffic because of the on-going repair of the bridge. As I am saving my fuel it is better not to bring my car at all, in that way I could save some dime.

They were already waiting for me in Yakimix; they went to the resort to where they will celebrate their New Year. They have to make a reservation for the said holiday celebration. They finish their business their early so they went to Yakimix a little bit early. They tried to call me but I was preparing for Faith so I was not able to pick up the phone. Good thing I called them just before they finish eating and said they will wait for me.

I arrived there past 12 already, and the moment I step my foot there, I went to the buffet table right away to pick up some foods. I was amazed with the number of meals they put in the buffet table; they have number of displays today than before. Geez I was not able to take a look of the name of the foods as I was too starving. I didn’t mind at all, I just pick and pick and pick. I got full right away on my first plate. My friend grilled some sea food stuffs for me and I shared it with them. After a while, we all went together to get some dessert, I got the Buko Pandan cake, Japanese Cheese Cake, the mini muffins. Those desserts added my belly to be so bulky, I drank 3 different kinds of drinks and I was still so thirsty.

Their desserts just oh so good, it is so sweet maybe that’s why a bite of a cake matched with a drink. This is only once in a lifetime, my friend handed me a coupon costs P399.00. Yes I just paid P399.00 instead of the regular price. It has been a while since I was not able to dine with fancy restaurant this was my chance and I could not just slipped it away.

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