Celebrated Abundantly Our Christmas In The Previous Years

My kids noticed that we are really lacking of funds right now. They were even thinking that they may don’t have some gifts to receive on Christmas Day. It is September now and it is 3 months to go, it’s Christmas time once again. Honestly? I am tired of thinking what move to do next when the owner of the house would message me again to pay them. On the other hand, my daughter even told me, it is okay not to have gifts but at least we have some foods on the table to eat on Christmas Day. I am just so sad to even imagine it. Geez how I wish to turn back time, I hope though that we could still buy some foods on the table this holiday season just like the pictures below:

 photo HPIM0238_zps1a5606db.jpg

This picture was taken on Christmas in the year 2012 in the old rented house.

 photo HPIM0241_zps2046a0fd.jpg

Of course, your’s truly still enjoying the life. I am not saying that I don’t enjoy my life now, it is just sometimes it is tiring. I know this is only one year compared to the many years that I don’t have much issues with money and I know we can cope this things up.

 photo 1507636_10202355685869613_1626840817_n_zps87758b5a.jpg

This was taken last year, we are already on the process of assuming this house and I am so clueless of what is about to happen this year. I know nothing at all.

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