For Your Pastries And Home Baked Cakes

Last Sunday, my eldest daughter joined again another competition this time it is DACS. The students who would compete to DACS are all who belongs in Catholic School. In our team there were only two of them who would compete. I didn’t bring any food, as I was planning to just buy lunch in Jollibee, although their coach reminded them to bring foods since the canteen in DMMA is closed as it is Sunday.

One of the parents of our team though informed us that she will watch the competition with her kids and she will bring foods for us. We will just pay at the venue when she arrives. But aside of the foods that she brought for us, she also brought a water container and some other foods. She brought Siopao, breads and some glasses for us to use when the kids need to drink.

My other friend not with our team messaged me if I could attend her daughter, it was already almost 12 noon and she is not there yet. She was so busy baking and attending some other stuff. She has been busy since yesterday as she have a pastry catering services and now she have to attend with the orders from her friends. At that time that she called me she is still baking. I gave her daughter a lunch pack from Jollibee.  Little later her Mommy arrived with some pastries and lunch for me. She told me about her pastry buffet yesterday. And she showed me some of her pictures in Facebook.

 photo 10646640_947087685306589_1369811673634124197_n_zpsf9c9195f.jpg

I am sure your are drooling with this alone.

 photo 10710721_947087745306583_8519206562797972108_n_zpsb833ad8f.jpg

How much more if I presented to you the whole package.

 photo 10670098_947087721973252_3159352264550528659_n_zps30472072.jpg

This is the one who made the sweets more sweeter. I tell you, I had been an avid customer of her and she just did not fail my expectation at all. She goes beyond and would surprise you more. So if you want someone for home bake cakes or any pastries just contact me so I can inform her or I will give you her contact number.

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