Wake Up Better

Losing some sleep can be a cause for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. When you don’t wake up better, you would suffer impaired of thinking and learning processes also it can contribute depression. When you don’t get enough sleep, expect speed aging. So how to wake up better?

Waking up on the right side of your bed, means that you had enough sleep the night before. You can have enough sleep for longer hours. If you want to wake up better then stop drinking too much coffee or alcohol. Don’t spend longer hours watching TV and in your laptop before you go to bed. Don’t go to bed when you are hungry or full or thirsty. When you are sleeping you should not do too much except sleeping meaning avoid moving around and when you wake up do not place your alarm clock in an each reach, put it far enough for you to get up and turn it off. And when the alarm clock is already alarming for you to wake up don’t hit snooze and when you are already awake don’t forget to drink water. It can take away toxins and dehydrate your body. Drinking water also is good for your brain.

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