Veggie Robot

Faith is not allowed to intake sweets, right now I am thinking of some snacks that she could eat in the school. She must have something that is healthy and not sweets because of her being hyper yet she should have fun and will inspire to eat. I found this in the Magazine, maybe I will have to try this one first at home. I don’t want to prepare snacks something as this and yet she will get hungry because she does not like it.

Ingredients are carrots, whole wheat bread, cucumbers, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, cookies, mushroom, olive slices and bread cheddar.

Making eyeballs slice your mushrooms that would look like a cap and slice your olives too. Create limbs with bread cheddar cheese, carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, and candy sprinkles. Shape your nuggets or cookies to make two hands for your veggies robot and you are set. Oh well, shall I say good luck to me.

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