Which Is Important Foods Or Christmas Wishlists?

My niece is already telling me what foods to cook on Holiday Season, she is our cook during special occasion and exchange of that of course she would like something to have in return but I am having trouble this time with funds, good thing they understand. My eldest daughter even said that the most important is we have something to eat on Christmas; their Christmas wish list will be set aside. My sister in Singapore will not allow that to happen she is planning to buy us some new clothes in Singapore so at least we have something new to wear during Christmas Eve. But my eldest daughter has been wanting Music Accessories and one them is moog minimoog, I am not sure what is that and what would it do to her guitar and she is sure I will like it. Recently she is asking if I could videotape her because she learned some new chords and she would like to cover the song. On the other hand, how I wish I can prepare foods while buying their Christmas wishlists.

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