Ice Blended Coffee And Red Velvet

Yesterday, after I sent my youngest daughter to school, I went out to the mall to get the money for my niece so she can pay her tuition fee at school today. I was roaming around the mall and I got bored, I planned to buy some grocery but it is too early and I am worried I will just spoil the frozen foods. I messaged my friend if where was she at that time; she was still at home but on her way to a coffee shop. She invited me if I could be with her. I drove to the coffee shop right away and she treat me this.

 photo 10929897_10205270819626135_7032950660022879478_n_zpse2dfed9e.jpg

Coffee Ice Blend

 photo 10941875_10205270820026145_8904259783450156474_n_zps71e98d55.jpg

A slice of red velvet.

Blu Gre is always known for their cakes and beverages. I ordered the Ice Blended Coffee with cream yesterday with Choco loco flavor. It is so sweet, and it got sweeter when I had a bite of their red velvet cake. I thought I could not finish the whole slice but I did! Of course with the help of my friend, yes for this cake it can share for two people. But if you craved for a cake, don’t share it to anyone you can have the whole slice and I guess it is enough.

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