Pork Hamonado A Little Modification

My ingredients are:

Instead of tenderloin I bought Pork Kasim. I was also able to buy pine apple chunks, brown sugar, calamansi juice, soy sauce ( I used the caramelized the mushroom dark soy sauce. And cooking oil.

The recipe was you have to marinate the pork with calamansi, pine apple juice, brown sugar, calamansi juice for 24 hours and since I don’t have time to marinate that long. I just marinate the pork for about 30 minutes or more, I used the juice of the pine apple chunks since I was not able to buy the pine apple juice. I also wipe the meat with mustard honey.

After I marinate it, I put some cooking oil in the frying pan just a little bit of cooking oil to fry the meat. Make sure that the meat will turn light brown on all sides. Add the reserved marinate sauce and then the pineapple chunks. I simmered it for about 15 minutes and that’s it. So even though it didn’t reach to 24 hours, the mustard honey did the trick.

So other than my fried chicken recipe this will add up to my recipe. I am looking forward for more though, oh well I hope so.

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