Cakes On Her Birthday

Last Tuesday was the birthday of my daughter. I bought 2 boxes of pizza for the swimmers after the training. The two pizzas will not be enough if the parents did not bring foods too. One parent bought carrot cakes and one also bought moist cake with greetings. Mj could not contain her happiness when she saw it, she was very delighted that all her friends greeted her online and offline.

 photo 6cee3db0-e4a7-4882-b16f-bb6dfa5dc34c_zps6c43d9de.jpg

This moist cake from Sugar munch

 photo f8f2f8d0-7100-4543-85c2-0fb63e542cb9_zps61c79516.jpg

Carrot Cake so yummy the sweetness is just right in the palate. The carrot cake is Rysus, Sugar Munch however is a trend now, they are available in Gaisano Mall.

 photo 7906ff7c-a9ff-486d-b31a-ba9f5f9f03b7_zps323eb74a.jpg

Mj and her team mates.


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