Now It’s My Youngest Daughter’s Turn

It is Sunday and today here in the Philippines it is already February and that means my youngest daughter’s birthday is fast approaching. My eldest daughter even reminded me of it that her sister’s birthday is on next Sunday. Good thing though that I had a good offer last week for my blog. And I am crossing my finger I will get paid next week at least before Faith’s birthday. It is not that my husband does not like to send me for my youngest daughter’s birthday but I don’t want to bother him anymore of this other expenses. He loves his daughter so much and that is all enough for me.

I am confused though where to celebrate Faith’s birthday, Mj is suggesting holding it in Forest Hill but I am still thinking about it, or we will just celebrate here at home. I will just invite the team and my sister’s family. Preparing her birthday, align with this is which foods to bring during her birthday. I don’t have to problem though of who would cook the foods because my brother in law is a good cook and he will always volunteer.

The budget, I just hope and pray will be right to buy all of it during her birthday. The cake, someone represent to give it to me, thank you so much friendship. I owe it to you a lot.

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