Calorific Foods That Can Harm Your Diet

If you think that you are already alright with your diet oh well you have to think twice because there are calorific foods that you thought it is helpful with your diet but it is not.

So you are eating sushi as a great alternative for your pasta at lunch time but you have to be careful because eight piece sushi roll is equivalent to 300 calories even without the flavorings and delicious sauce.

You can drink orange juice but not too much as this can be high in sugar, probably 21 grams in one small cup. It is still more advantage to your part if you will drink calorie free water and have a piece of fruit enriched with Vitamin C.

Cereal is the best alternative to your breakfast meal however be very careful because they are often full of secret sugars so make sure that you are avoiding cereals that is packed with honey, chocolate and dried fruit but you can opt to pick shredded wheat with skimmed milk.

Source: Yahoo Health

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