Asthma Attack?

I have an asthma but good thing though ever since I am working, it didn’t attack anymore. I have an inhaler but it just at home. I don’t bring it since it has been a while that it didn’t attack at all. But how to survive when your asthma just out of nowhere attacked you. What should you do? Here are some steps from, which  you may use when you have asthma and you don’t have the inhaler with you.

-Sit upright. If you are doing something else, stop it  and sit upright because bending can make your harder to breath.

-Take a deep breath, breath in to your nose and breath out trough your mouth. This can prevent you from hyperventilation.

– Get away from what it triggers your asthma, could be dust or the pollen from the trees.

– Drink a hot caffeinated beverages like coffee. Coffee can help to open up the airways slightly for at least two hours

Even though you have followed these steps please if you get the chance and you are slightly okay  go to your Doctor right away

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