Not Choosy At All

Faith even though she is skinny she loves to eat. I am so proud to say that she loves to eat and whatever food that is on the table she would eat and if not she would understand when I tell her that she should eat the food on the table. She would resist at first but she will eat it after.

When I first told her that she might transfer a different school, she argue with me but later when I explained it well to her she comes to understand especially when the principal in the new school said that she can choose which kind of music instrument that she would like to play. She chooses the violin, good luck to me because I know it will be very expensive. It was very helpful when the principal mentioned the violin because I don’t have to convince her when we are already in the new school for her to take her entrance exam.

Thank GOD I am done enrolling my two kids, Faith was just this week. And right after I enrolled her since I still have some left I bought Slurpee from 7/11 nearby. The store was newly opened and you know what it is just on the way home. It was so hot and sweaty that time, a beverage for my kids won’t hurt my pocket at all.

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