The Day Turned Out To Be A Great One

Yesterday, after the DACS swimming competition of my eldest daughter. I dragged them for dinner, I was able to bring Faith with us because I had  fetched her at school before 4 in the afternoon. We went home first to change clothes and to give Mariel her allowance for her OJT. We went back at the swimming venue to fetch Mj since when I go out from the venue earlier they are not yet finish. I was not even watched her 3 events because I have to go to Faith school. When we went back at the swimming venue, they are already finish hence I just dragged them to the nearest mall and treat them for dinner. It was fun because it has been a while that we did not dine together because of my busy schedule. Thank GOD that I had this day and I had them both today. It was an ordinary day but it turned out to be the great one.

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