Do Some Exercising Even Just Doing The Laundry

When I went home today, my planned was to do some exercising. Lately I already started with Zumba. I just don’t do it when I have to do the laundry just like today. When I get home, I saw the mountain of clothes piled up in our laundry basket. I need to attend to it, I mean now!

When doing the laundry, I feel already like I am already doing some exercising. Not to mention of numbers of reaching, stretching, bending and all that stuff. So who said that we can’t exercise while we are doing the laundry. Oh you mean, the sweat, I do sweat too. Especially when the sun is already up and so freaking hot. On the other hand, I guess I can’t exercise already today, I mean what time is it now? It is time for me to do some sleeping. Until next time guys!

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