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Omega 3 Fish Oil

My daughter needs a Fish Oil Omega 3, her therapist recommended this Vitamins for her. And I am thankful because one of the parents offered me this vitamins for free but the thing is we still need to cut it so Faith can take the liquid only not the whole capsule because I am sure if she will take the whole capsule she will just choke and most probably will vomit. The liquid had smell, a very strong smell although my youngest daughter is trying her best to swallow the liquid, I know she is having a hard time but she is very understanding, she knew it is good for her.

I have plan though to buy the same vitamin but this time, a small capsule I found one at the mall, it cost only P215.00. And this capsules that I had here, I will have to give this to my sister for her son. I have to stop Faith sacrificed herself just because she needs; I also want her to enjoy what she is taking while she can get benefit from it. I mean you can do both right, you can give great both world. I just have to be keen which one is the best and one that she could enjoy the most.

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