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Marks The 2nd Year Celebration Of Fiesta Today

I can hear the neighbor have their music so loud, my eldest daughter went to my sister’s house to help, everyone is so busy in our subdivision except us. I just arrived from fetching Faith from Kumon, I am done with grocery shopping and here I am catching my online task. My niece will bring this computer  since they need to do some project for their defense. She will bring the computer back home tomorrow early in the morning.

My eldest daughter a while ago asked permission from me if she can bring her guitar over to my sister’s house. My brother-in-law know how to play guitar and Mj will jam with him. I said yes, I know she is just so talented when it comes to playing guitar. Mj is okay with her guitar but she is asking for an electric 7 string guitars, yup she loves to have varieties of guitar hanging on the wall of her bedroom but we have to take it one at a time, budget is so tight nowadays and she knows it.

Anyway, let me have the chance to greet everyone in our Subdivision a Happy Fiesta! I will be very full again later but wait need to sleep first for later duty. Sigh! On the other hand, I need to fight for my kids and family, need to work and there is no place for me to give up.

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