Buko Juice

These past few days, I always make sure that I go to my youngest daughter’s school to feed her during lunch. I know she can do it on her own but the thing is, she can’t help running and playing around while eating. So for her to concentrate her lunch I have to be there to guard her, which she always doesn’t like. Anyway, after I accompany my daughter on lunch time, I always dropped by at this store along the way. They sell buko juice, one time, I was like maybe I could I mean I love buko juice especially when it mixed with milk and not to mention, it always dry and humid these days. And so I bought one glass of buko juice and starting that day, I never miss to have one.

Don’t you know that there are some beneficial of drinking buko juice, which you thought it didn’t exist. Yes there are some points that you might want to consider.

If you are in a diet, buko juice has this fat content that is very very low. You can drink a lot of juice without having fear of getting fat. It would also help you suppress your appetite, making you feel so full because it is enrich with natural healthy facts.

It is a hangover remedy as well. So if you were over drink an alcohol that your belly could not handle, try to drink some buko juice, it can help you settle your stomach, and will help you replace those essential electrolytes that you had lose when you had too much vomit and urination.

This beverage is very rich in nutrients. Coconut water has 5 important electrolytes that are present in human body. It has calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and magnesium. Because of this unique contents, you will definitely enjoy the sweetness and yet varying a medical facts.

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