Zabadani No More, Hello Al Sultan

Just feeling so sad because the restaurant that me and my friend always went to before is already closed. Yeah they are not already in the mall where they put the restaurant nor in Ponciano street at all. It is the only one mediterranean cuisine but thank GOD because it is replaced with Al Sultan in Abreeza Mall. I was curious at first if they are somewhat related with Zabadani, the waiter said no. Anyway, they don’t have my favorite in Zabadani but they also offered yummy and delish foods you may want to try:

 photo 10303738_10207396505086943_1471322414812136626_n.jpg

 photo 10524730_10207396518247272_8215638758780195493_n.jpg

I am sorry that I was not able to remember the name of the dish that I posted it today. Actually this has been long overdue.

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