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How Home Health Aides Benefit from Wearing Exam Gloves

Home health aides who care for seniors in their homes need certain supplies to properly perform their important work. One necessary item for a home health aide is a supply of exam gloves. Exam gloves can prevent the transmission of germs whenever a health aide is dealing with the bodily fluids of a patient. Here are just a few examples of how home health aides use exam gloves each day.

Taking a Blood Sugar Reading

Sometimes a home health aide will care for an elderly patient who needs his or her blood sugar checked several times a day. Since this process involves a patient’s blood, home health aides are protecting both themselves and their patients by wearing exam gloves. Getting a supply of wholesale nitrile gloves is one idea for a home health aide who helps patients to take blood sugar readings.

Tending to a Wound

A senior who has a cut, a scratch or a similar injury may need the help of a home health aide to tend to the wound so it can heal. An aide can help prevent the spread of bacteria by wearing gloves while tending a patient’s wound. Plus, an aide is protecting him or herself from coming in contact with the person’s blood. When the wound has been dressed, the aide can take off the gloves and dispose of them in the proper place. Wearing gloves to tend to a patient’s wound can give peace of mind to both the patient and the aide.

Helping a Patient with Personal Care

Home health aides assist patients with a variety of personal care tasks. For instance, an aide may help seniors to shave, cut their fingernails or wash their hair. Some patients also need assistance with brushing their teeth. Wearing exam gloves can protect both a patient and an aide from the spread of bacteria as they go through a personal care routine. Even though an aide washes his or her hands with hot water and soap, there may be residual bacteria. Exam gloves serve as an extra layer of protection against infection that can cause serious problems for an elderly patient.

Finally, home health aides who wear exam gloves can be more confident as they help their senior patients through their daily routine. This benefits both the patient and the professional health aide.

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