Protecting Your Home In The 21st Century

Although crime has dropped over the past decade in many parts of the United States, people who break into homes have gained access to better technology, making it more important for people that want to protect their home to continue to have their home security systems monitored.

Radar Wonderland

Over 60 years ago, the automobile industry put out a car equipped with radar that would switch its brights down to low beam when it sensed an approaching car. Popular at first, the feature was pulled from the market because radar wasn’t that safe. Today, with advances in radar technology, several cars that feature built-in radar are on the road, making it easy for thieves that want to burgle houses to purchase and modify radar systems to help them case your home.

In addition to radar, Southern Californians are getting used to people using heat-sensing technology to determine whether there are people in the house that they want to rob.

Making A Difference

The primary answer is to ensure that when you leave your home, you have your security system connected to a vendor that will monitor it while you are gone. Like having a babysitter for your home, some vendors like Alarm Relay specialize in working with existing security systems, allowing you to keep the system that you have for use with their home security monitoring service.

Using a home security monitor to provide security for your home also allows you to relax while you are on vacation. In many cases, if there is a problem, they will contact you by telephone, e-mail, or through a smartphone application to let you know if the status of your home has changed.

How Monitoring Works

With most companies, you just need to contact them and let them know what type of security system that you have. They can then tell you if it qualifies and what steps that you will need to take in order to ensure that it complies with the service that they will provide for you.

After the service goes live, you merely need to remember to turn on your security system when you leave your home and turn it off or partly on while you are home.

If there is a problem, the company will call you right away and work with you to determine which options you should pursue in order to stop the alarm from ringing. In most cases, this means either returning home to check or having the police come by.

Security in the 21st century in most neighborhoods is better- but a like a lot of other things in life, a little more complex. Getting a security system monitoring partner should help homeowners to close the technology gap that potential thieves have opened up.

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