Boarding Your Dog Overnight or an Extended Stay

Sometimes business or personal affairs take you away from your dog overnight or for an extended period of time. For the occasions when you or a trusted person isn’t available to watch your furry best friend and a standard dog kennel won’t do, luxury dog kennels are available. These kennel service providers understand that your pet is more than just an animal staying at their facility, so they have raised the bar in regards to the amenities they offer and the services they provide.

Luxury vs. Standard Dog Kennels

Standard dog kennels are great for housing your canine while you’re away, but the luxury ones add an additional layer of premium care. This benefits a dog owner who enjoys pampering their pooch and dogs who are accustomed to prime care, food and treats.

Checking-in Your Dog

During boarding check-in, you’ll be asked a series of questions in regards to your dog’s health and preferences. Then, you’ll be asked to choose from a menu of services and add-ons. If your canine is on a special diet, requires medicine or cannot handle certain situations, be sure to let the staff know. This way, depending on the length of his stay, the staff will be prepared to feed him accordingly, allow for additional potty breaks or dispense medicine as necessary.

Choosing Your Dog’s Accommodations

The size of your pet will determine the kennel size they will be placed in during their stay. A standard room usually includes comfortable bedding and enough space to keep them from feeling claustrophobic. Luxury kennel providers do offer lodging upgrades that can include sound-proof walls, web cams and luxury daybeds as well as larger rooms.

Standard Luxury Kennel Amenities and Upgrades

The amenities that one luxury kennel offers may slightly differ from the next, but all will offer at least daily housekeeping, group play time and 2-3 meals a day. If you feel your dog requires solo play time or extra attention throughout his stay, ask the staff if these services are included. In cases when they are not, you can probably upgrade for an additional fee.

Leaving your pet in the care of a kennel service provider isn’t always easy for you or your dog. Luxury kennels, though, do make it their priority to ensure your dog’s safety, comfort and health during their stay with them.

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