My Dream Date

When I  was still  young  my  dream  date  is  something  that  even  years  passed  by,   it  is  something  that you can never forget. My dream date is like those scenes I’ve seen in the movies, which you cannot take a chance to say something because you are standing in that resto, or restaurant in awe.

My dream date is when you enter the venue and you can see candle in the table that the waiter served for you. And when you are about to sit down, a romantic live music will play.  One  is  playing  a  violin, or  a piano  or  a guitar  and you  would  wonder  if where did they  buy those instruments because  it seems  like  it creates  quality  sounds  or  what  kind  of  accessories  they  are dying  to  buy  because it  looks like they  are not  using  it  every day  since  the  instruments  are  all  shiny  and looks  new.  You  would  even   tempted  to  ask  if  they  bought  them  from les paul accessories because you heard they offer what  is  right for you.

And while  they  are playing  your  favorite  romantic  songs,  you  are so  indulge  with  the food  that was  served for  you  because  the taste  is  just too  delectable  that  the only  you  can  think  of ,  is you  will  get back  again  to  the restaurant  someday  and oh  your  date,   he  is  someone that you  are  dreaming  you  can  spend  time with  for  the  rest  of  your  life.  Someone who  loves your  music  even the  music  you  choose  is  not  his  type  but  because  you  like,   he  will learn  to love  it.   Someone who  is  also  into  playing  guitars  or  pianos  because  he will  serenade you  while  he is  offering  you  his love.  Oh my dream   date!

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