Something That Is Not

It has been a while that I’ve gone to Chicken Savory to dine, so when a friend and I decided to eat lunch, I suggested Chicken Savory.  We were looking for something cheap that time and for me Chicken Savory is just so light in the pocket.  When we get there, we choose what to eat in the menu right away. So since I didn’t get any complain from my friend, I thought it was okay for him at all.  We paid the bill in half to be fair enough. I even suggested that he can try the restaurant with his girlfriend because I am sure his girlfriend will like it here.

He went out from the restaurant to buy some doughnuts for his girlfriend after we finish.  He went to this well-known prestigious, expensive doughnut stall. When he returned he said he could not buy it because it is very expensive and his budget is not enough.  So I suggested Mister Donut since it is less expensive.

The next day, when we had breakfast together with our workmates, we were talking about where to go to eat during our payday,   I suggested some restaurants and he blurted out that restaurant I suggested the other day is not affordable at all, all he thought that he can save some to buy the J.Co for his girlfriend but unfortunately his money is not enough, and everyone laugh so hard. Next time he said he will not trust me anymore when I say that we can only spend within our budget with a restaurant that I will suggest because the term affordable for me is something that is not.

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