Not So Cheap At All

I was with my workmates in the car. That time we were looking for a restaurant that cost enough with our budget. Good thing, my other workmate remembers a restaurant that is just light in the pocket. I could not suggest already because as one of my workmate said, my cheap resto is equivalent to expensive ones. So I was glad to lend them the way where we can save some dime but offers only heavenly taste.

I haven’t been to that restaurant before, they even only have smaller space but my workmate said that we won’t regret to eat there because it’s all worth it. And guess what, when we are about to enter I saw my niece approaching to the restaurant as well. She said she is looking for a place to eat and her feet brought her there.

Anyway, my workmate was right their food is not that cheap at all and guess what I still was not able to budget. Oh well, since I saw my niece I have to treat her free lunch.

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