Freeze Your Fresh Herbs

Many of us like herbs; it is either for our cooking recipes or for our beauty regimen. If you have fresh herbs don’t just freeze it right away. You need to wash your herbs with cold water before putting it in the freezer. Thus, if there’s any little insects stick in your herbs, they will not be included when you freeze the herbs.

Chop your herbs delicately using a fine knife. Put your herbs in an ice cube, you have to distribute them equally and pack it tightly. Fill the ice cube tray with cold water and let it stay for about 2 hours. When the herbs are frozen, pop the herbs from the ice tray and store it in a freezer bag, make sure to put a mark and seal it. Place it in the freezer again.

If you want to use it just drop the herbs into the soup or any recipes to add flavor on it.

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