My Kids Birthday

I know this is a late post. But as they said it is better be late than never at all, right? Yeah I just wanna share these pictures from my kids birthday party last January and February.

Mj’s birthday party was not that extravagant. We just prepared some foods for her classmates. She just invited some, not the whole class. She doesn’t even want me to celebrate it but I insist and said it’s time to say thank you for all the blessings she received.

 photo 12715810_10208132754892728_4534717153602678803_n_zpsavvrpsfs.jpg

Forgot again to take a picture of the foods. Geez

With my youngest daughter birthday since she is only 8 years old. I have to put all my efforts in preparing. From the smallest to the biggest details. I was in a hurry though taking a picture of the foods.

 photo 12717734_10208109084340979_6781096159461249820_n_zpskqmlwazf.jpg

We hired Strawberry Shortcake for the mascot her favorite since last year.

 photo 12654642_10208109084860992_9064843601761589647_n_zpsxlmw2vra.jpg

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