The Host And I

Last week, I was the one that was given a task to invite some of my friends from dinner. I wasn’t the host; the host was my friend who just arrived from Texas. She and her husband arrived last week; right after we had lunch we talked about how to gather some of our friends. I texted my friend Anna right away if she is available last Friday. Her husband messaged me back that they are on for dinner.

I received a messaged from Anna while we were just in Tagum yet. We were on our way home from our short trip in Comval. I called my friend Cheryl right away if we can move the dinner to 6 in the evening because it is so much impossible if I can arrive at 4 pm at home. I need to send Mj at home yet before I can go for dinner.

Good thing my friend Cheryl agreed with me, so we moved the dinner to 6 in the evening. After I arrived at home, I drove again going to Apo View Hotel to fetch my friend so we can go together to Outback Grills. I received also a text from Xcylc that she will join us since Mabele could not as she was still in their province.

I looked so messy, I was tired and so sleepy but I had fun when we arrived in the restaurant. We were able to bond and while their husbands were talking about anything that interests them we also have some girl talks while we had our dinner. The host ordered a lot of viands that I have bring 3 dishes at home, which made my family so happy when I got home. I drove half asleep but don’t worry I survived even though I was so full that I can just hit the bed in an instant.


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