Hamonado Stands Out

It is our payday today; my friend will be going at home to apply color of my hair. Yeah they choose our house for gathering of putting hair color to Ish and me. In exchange of their sweet gesture I will prepare lunch for them. So I went to the mall so early, after I paid our house in Pag-ibig for the monthly amortization then I started buying some ingredients. I wanted them to have a taste of my fried chicken recipe and the Hamonado.

We arrived home past 12 noon already so I cook our lunch right away. Everyone is already starving; while I was cooking they also started to apply the hair color to my eldest daughter and Ish. I was very excited since this would be my first time to cook something for my workmate. I was expecting them to impress with my fried chicken but to my surprise they love more the Hamonado, which I thought at that time they won’t appreciate it because I mistakenly mix the ingredients. They exclaimed the sauce is very tasty, they fried chicken was okay but Hamonado stands out.

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