Salmon Fish For You And Me

Salmon fish is one those fish that is very pricey in the wet market but I guess the price is all worth it because this fish has the biggest source for Omega 3 fatty acids, in which can prevent or less risked to cancer, heart disease and depression. So if you are depressed and want to jump off from the building you better seek for Salmon right away so to lessen your depression. I am just not sure that it can totally help you to clear out your mind that jumping from the building is not always the solution to your problem sometimes you just have to face it and not run away with it and eat healthy foods for you to at least smile that even if you failed of certain things you still have the right to live and be hopeful, I know for sure that everything will be put in its place.

Anyway an ounce of Salmon can be 50 percent of your niacin intake every day. It can also reduce the risk for getting the Alzheimer’s disease.


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