Gone Are The Two Days

I filed a leave of absence at work, wanted to have a stay-cation in the hotel nearby with kids but due to financial constraints I was not able to do so. I wanted to dine in their fancy restaurant, want to smell those very delish foods in the buffet, want to bloat my tummy eating those delicious foods but I guess it will just stay in my imagination because I wasn’t able to do all that as planned because I have to prioritize my youngest enrollment. Can you imagine? It is already June but I still did not enroll her. On the other hand, before the 2 leave of absence from work, I made sure I have all frozen foods in stock in our refrigerator so instead of eating in a fancy restaurant; I want to prepare dinner for them instead. The first night was Mariel offered to cook Chicken Curry; yes all the ingredients are all in. Mariel could not cook without the complete and proper ingredients. On the 2nd night Mj offered to cook our dinner and that was the Giniling, yesterday night since I have work at night again, Sister Merlyn was the one who cooked the Escabeche. Where’s my contribution, I guess none at all because the moment I will get ready the ingredients someone would offer to cook some foods. Oh well, I guess they are better cook than me.

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