Company Annual Checkup

Tomorrow will be our Annual Checkup in our company. The Annual Checkup includes all from dental, Chest X ray, CBC count, even Pap smear. I wanted to pass but they said I should not because it will affect my membership to Intellicare. Yes we are a member of this health insurance so to get free consultation to those clinics that are affiliated to Intellicare. The Annual Checkup has been started since July 21st I think, and the deadline of doing it will be on July 27th so our supervisor agreed with us to do it tomorrow during our last duty this week, since our rest day will be right after. I will do the Physical checkup, but I guess I can’t do the Pap smear because I just had my period, the requirement should be 10 days prior to have the Pap smear. Maybe I will just have to do it with my Obgynie.

This benefit can really help us since our work is at night. I mean I guess we are prone for some sickness since our sleep is not in the normal schedule. At least through this we will know, what is happening to our body and our health if we need to undergo some specific checks. As I always felt whenever checkups are compulsory, I hope everything is fine with me. My kids are still so little, they need me if I learn something that is not good with me, I would surely feel down. I know though and I am sure that I am perfectly fine it is just sometimes, my pathetic mind keeps on kicking in and I am worried.


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